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Blue Skies
About Me

Welcome to my practice.

I believe in the resiliency of the human spirit and helping people through adversity of many kinds. Heart, hope, and encouragement are fundamental to building an effective and therapeutic relationship. I am aware that counseling can challenge people to look inward, to get closer to their true self, and to be able to express the personality more fully. Whether you want to work through inner conflicts, difficult and painful feelings, or just need support as you make a decision on a marriage or relationship, professional counseling can help to guide you. 


I believe that the human mind, body, and soul are best when they are first provided with a good enough foundation from which to grow. Sometimes, it helps to learn how to create these conditions and tap into your inner resources to change perspectives, expand limiting beliefs, and develop strategies to encourage inner transformation. The lasting change people seek often comes from within.

I began working in my Beachwood office Jan. 1, 2011. My graduate degree is from John Carroll University (2008) and my clinical residency hours were completed at JFSA and The Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland. Later, I volunteered at The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center and also mentored under Dr. Walter P. Knake, Ph.D. who worked primarily with war veterans and their families as well as adult survivors of childhood abuse in their recovery. I have worked with many concerns over the years and welcome you to the lifelong path of ongoing reflection and growth.


I am happy to be of service to people in the Greater Cleveland area and other areas of the country as the counseling profession expands and promises to allow counseling over state lines without requiring separate licenses in each state. I have been offering both Telehealth and in-person psychotherapy services since the inception of my practice and feel each of these modalities can be beneficial.

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